The 7 Seas – Fun Fair

The 7 Seas is only one part of the Windenburg fair. Here you can play hook-a-duck, test your muscles on the high striker and loose your money at the thimblerigger. Take part in karaoke competitions but be aware, very bad singers will walk the plank. Be one of the lucky sims who see a mermaid in the tank. There are more attractions but see yourself…

karaoke bar


skills: ⚽ 🎙️ 🎨 🍹 🎲

location: Windenburg – The Narwhal Arms

The lightart you’ll see on the mermaid tank is made by Neiti-Winter.

Inside the ship there is a karaoke bar.

On the gallery you can find all the other creative entries under #windenburgfair. Enjoy 🙂

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