Windenburg Library

This is just a little library in the town of Windenburg. It offers a lot of old and new books and the townies love to read in the garden. There are also some desks and computers to do homework and research and kids have their own little reading nook on the 2nd floor. Welcome in.



skills: 💻 📚 ♟️ 🌱 🔮

location: Windenburg – Quad Manor

Welcome in…

Before you enter the kingdom of books there is a little lobby where you get your library card and leave your backpacks. The stuff’s office is right behind the desk.

There we are! That’s the main hall of books of Windenburg’s library. Looking down from the 2nd floor to the basement. Yeah that’s deep, don’t fall down.

There are several doors to go through. Let’s take the second one on the left side. It leads to a corridor. From there you get to the garden and to a door we cannot enter. It’s a prohibited area and it is said, strange things are going on there. The garden is just beautiful to sit in, during the summer you can also harvest some cherries from the trees.

Another door leads to a working space with desks and computers. And of course there are restrooms on this floor, too. Time to go upstairs.

Here are several smaller rooms, where you can read and work. Each room follows a different theme, watch out to find the one that fits to you.

On the 3rd floor there is a big reading room with a cozy fire place.

Floor plans

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