Dining space

A very modern dining room, almost from the future. Enjoy. … More Dining space

The waterworks

The waterworks of San Myshuno is an office build where your sim can work concentrated. Work inside or outside, meet other business people and take part in important conferences. … More The waterworks

Diner 49

The diner 49 has the best view of the town to the crashed UFO. Some strange things are collected here and the food is … lets say experimental. Enjoy your stay or journey. … More Diner 49

Enter Space

Imagine you are going to space and built up a Mars habitat. The Mars mission centre will be your first thing to explore and survive. It’s fully equipped with technical stuff and fun things and it will also work as the scientific base for the Get to work add on. Enjoy. … More Enter Space

At the harbour

At the harbour in Brindleton Bay there is an industrial looking starter waiting for its new owner. This house is tiny and only for one sim but the view is stunning! Who wonders an easel is waiting on the terrace! This view must be painted! … More At the harbour