Bachata Beach

A Caribbean inspired holiday home with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom which is situated on the island Key Point in Sulani. Here you can relax, play guitar and dance to Caribbean sounds. Enjoy. rental: 30×40$70,5501 🛏️ 1 🛁 0 🎨 0 🌊 activities: 📚 ⚽ 🎭 💃 🎻 🍹 🌱 🎲 location: Sulani – Key … More Bachata Beach

Lava Cava

Back to the roots and live a life in a cave. This starter is sited down below the volcano and it’s a gorgeous spot to study and preserve nature. You can live off the grid if you wish to, everything is prepared. Enjoy. … More Lava Cava