Sulani Expo Pavilion

At the world’s fair in Newcrest , Sulani shows off its rich flora and fauna. Experience the relaxed atmosphere out in nature and delve deep into the forces of the earth itself. Be careful to take this promise too serious, it’s possible but presumably painful. … More Sulani Expo Pavilion


Bachata Beach

A Caribbean inspired holiday home with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom which is situated on the island Key Point in Sulani. Here you can relax, play guitar and dance to Caribbean sounds. Enjoy. rental: 30×40$70,5501 🛏️ 1 🛁 0 🎨 0 🌊 activities: 📚 ⚽ 🎭 💃 🎻 🍹 🌱 🎲 location: Sulani – Key … More Bachata Beach

Lava Cava

Back to the roots and live a life in a cave. This starter is sited down below the volcano and it’s a gorgeous spot to study and preserve nature. You can live off the grid if you wish to, everything is prepared. Enjoy. … More Lava Cava