SimTech is a luxurious mansion with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a big lounge area and several extra rooms for music, gambling and sports. A huge garage even contains a small plane, what does a sim want more?


5 🛏️ 6 🛁 7 🎨 1 🌊

activities: 💻 📚 ♟️ ⚽ 💃 🎻 🎙️ 🍹 🧘 🎲

location: Willow Creek – Oakenstead

The lounge is perfect for inviting guest. Here you can play the piano, watch TV together or have a chit chat. Behind the aquarium there is a big bar, so nobody needs to go home thirsty and you also can host dinner parties there.

Upstairs amongst others there are private bedrooms.

Here you can see some of the entertainment rooms.

There is also a gym and a spa upstairs, if you need to relax inside. The outdoor lounge you will find next to the pool, everything else you have to discover on your own…

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