The waterworks

The waterworks of San Myshuno is an office build where your sim can work concentrated. Work inside or outside, meet other business people and take part in important conferences.

Gallery link: The waterworks

  • lot type: library
  • lot size: 30×30

The entrance area.

This is the main office room. Dogs are welcome.

Going up the stairs there is a big conference table to talk about things to do.

If the weather is fine you’re welcome to work outside.

There is a coffee bar in the hall at the 2nd floor.

This is a smaller office with only two desks.

One floor above there is another office and a conference room.

From the roof top terrace there is a fantastic view towards the bridge and over the Spice market.

In the basement there are all the technical rooms, a laboratory which you can enter with a keycard and a cafeteria.

Floor plans

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