Is it art?

Is it art – or can I chunk it? Well, for me as a char it’s not easy to decide if this lovely creative couple did things on purpose or it was just rubbish left in the corner. This flat is stuffed with art and music instruments and such things. It is simply made for creative heads. … More Is it art?


SimTech is a luxurious mansion with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a big lounge area and several extra rooms for music, gambling and sports. A huge garage even contains a small plane, what does a sim wants more? … More SimTech

Villa Mattel

… all I can say is I lost a bet. I was challenged by the awesome Laireen to do a Barbie build after she did a 2×2 house. I never ever thought she could do it, she’s the queen of 64×64 lots. Well, she did and now we have to deal with another pink Barbie … More Villa Mattel