Black Baracuda

The Black Baracuda is a steampunk submarine. On the upper floor there is a community room, which is perfect to discuss and develop new ideas and drink a couple of nectar juices. Downstairs there is a little apartment for the owner. Beware of the deathtraps if you sneak around without permission!


1 🛏️ 1 🛁 2 🎨 1 🌊

activities: 💻 📚♟️ 🎻 🎨 🍹🎣

location: Windenburg – Discotheque Pan Europa

moo is required to keep the objects for the lock in place

This was made for the challenge smfurnish9 hosted by sim_michele to fit scrbsprite32757’s needs. Many thanks also to Ninnster and Jewels64 for the awesome paintings.

Floor plans

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