Japanese Minimalism

This starter is so introvert that every shy sim must love it! There is not a single window to the outside but it’s white and bright inside. It offers a pool and a yoga room and is mainly made for a couple. Enjoy. … More Japanese Minimalism

Lava Cava

Back to the roots and live a life in a cave. This starter is sited down below the volcano and it’s a gorgeous spot to study and preserve nature. You can live off the grid if you wish to, everything is prepared. Enjoy. … More Lava Cava

The roaring bear

A huge medieval starter, well it’s medieval – the only luxury is a bookshelf. On the back is a planting bed and bees so you can provide yourself in the beginning. Yeah did I mention it’s winter? The plants are dead and disposed of, you have to find some new ones. … More The roaring bear

At the harbour

At the harbour in Brindleton Bay there is an industrial looking starter waiting for its new owner. This house is tiny and only for one sim but the view is stunning! Who wonders an easel is waiting on the terrace! This view must be painted! … More At the harbour