It’s pure magic

Sylvan Glade is magical! Now also one of the magicians built her home here.


1 🛏️ 1 🛁 1 🎨 0 🌊

skills: 📚 ♟️ 🌱 🔮 🎣

location: Sylvan Glade

Attention! You must have had the Sims 3 seasons to get the white crystal.

Next to the little garden a stair leads up to an octagonal room. A big caldron stands in the middle of the room. A fire is burning in the fireplace and a lot of strange looking things are stuffed in the room. I don’t dare to touch anything. The only safe place seems to be the chess table.

Before I sit down, I rather go upstairs. Here, I enter the main living area. It looks cozy and not that different from a normal hut. There is a bed and a table in the first room and a bookshelf with magical stories. Through an archway I get into the kitchen, where a strange bin is starting at me. There is a door at the end of the kitchen and it is … the bathroom. It has a tub. Now, foam baths are truly magical!

Floor plans


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