The Quarry community

The quarry community is a space to come together. If you enjoy making things and talk to others, this is the right place for you. Our fizz bar, robotics lab and workshops are always open. There is a community kitchen if you get hungry and a candle making workshop if the electricity gets lost. And when you finished a project you can capture this moment in the photographic studio.

location: Evergreen Harbor – The Quarry building



4 separate lots:
⬇️ community space
⬇️ community garden
⬇️ maker space
⬇️ marketplace

⬇️ just the shell

Rooms, which are available on each lot:

general skills: 💻 📚 🎭 🎻 💃 🍹 🛠️ 🎲 📸 🍰 🍳 🤖 🧃🕯️⚙️

  • robotic & computer lab
  • candle making room
  • photographic studio
  • fizz bar
  • kitchen
  • workshops

Community space

additional skills: 🎙️ 🎨 ⚽

The Quarry community offers a library, a little gym and an artist’s workshop. Musical instruments and a microphone are also available on the little stage.

Community garden

additional skills: 🌱 🐝 💐 🔍

The Quarry Gardens change the table game area to a community garden. Bees and bugs can be reared. Now there is a greenhouse in the artist’s workshop and in another lab you can analyse plants and samples.

Maker Space

additional skills: 🎨 🧶 💐

Of course the maker space has fabricators. But also a room for making flower arrangements, an artist’s workshop and hobby room for knitters and crafters.


additional skills: 🎨 🧶 💐

Marketplace and maker space are pretty the same except the outdoor. There are all the market stalls to sell your products.

floor plans

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