M.A.S.H. 4077th

This is my remake of the tv show M.A.S.H. 4077th. It’s a military hospital and some of the tents for Father Mulcahy, Maj. Houlihan and Col. Potter. In the middle of the camp there is the infamous “swamp”. Even Potter’s horse Sophie got her place. Dine out in the mess and have a drink in the officer’s club. Gladly you don’t have to live there anymore, it’s a museum now! But you could, it works as a student housing as well. Enjoy.


museum / university housing
7 🛏️ 2 🛁 8 🎨 0 🌊

skills: 📚 ♟️ ⚽ 💃 🎻 🎙️ 🎨 🍹 🌱 🎲

location: Oasis Springs – Desert Bloom Park

The hospital

The shelters

the mess to the left and the swamp to the right

Mess and officer’s club

Floor plans

Thank you!

Many thanks for the awesome paintings:

  • FruitLoops40: Letters & numbers 6
  • SurfChicCreation: New Alphabet → No 601
  • Cindy1306: Labo’s them
  • NaJoPau: The human body 7; The human body 4
  • SimSationalToo: Medical Hospital Signs
  • Juwels64: Secretariat; Barbaro; Zenyatta; Ruffian

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