Glimmerbrook cottage

Whenever I mention Glimmerbrook cottage, people tell me about cottage pie and hidden doors. Now it’s for sale and that dusty looking house opens its doors for me. I’m on the hunt for new adventures; but will I find a hidden room or is it just a fairy tale?


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location: Glimmerbrook – Elixirs and Brews

After I passed the hall I get into the living room filled with bookcases and right in front of me there is a big old piano. To the right side a stair leads to the basement, but I want to have a closer look on this room first. My dog Smilla is already checking out the scene.

Well this is one big room here… Nothing points to hidden doors. All doors lead to the backyard. Also the fireplace seems to be inconspicuous.

One floor above there are all the bedrooms. The left wing of the house has 2 children’s rooms and one big master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. The right wing has another master bedroom with an ensuite.

I enter the gallery and walk over to workbench above the gateway. 2 doors. I decide for the door in front of me: A sunroom, not a cozy one but perfect for wintering plants. In one edge a cat tree, Smilla shivers. I try the next door: A tiny office filled over and over with books. From the desk I have a gorgeous view over the yard. Somehow I have the feeling this room is too small for the building. Is it truth, the gossip?

There! Behind the bookcase! Now look at that! I found a lab. A mysterious lab… things glow and crystals burn. This is so strange. If I din’t know better, I would say it’s magic.

After a while I decide to check out the basement and get into this wonderful pub. Through the windows I can see into the wine cellar. Another door leads to a corridor stuffed with books. A desk offers a laptop. This room is full of nooks and crannies, I wonder if I’ll find another hidden door…

And yes, there is! Magical glowing lamps, a wand and a steampunk trumpet. The former owners definitely had a peculiar taste.

I wander around the basement. I have lost overview. I find two storage rooms and an exit to the yard. Also a toilet next to the bar and more bookcases. One more hidden door: A stair leads down to a 2nd basement…

Holy moly! Where am I? This grotto is magical…

Floor plans


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