Bryggen Artcenter

Welcome to a wonderful day at Bryggen Artcenter. In these old cabins you can work and be creative as long as you want. Meet other artists in the community areas f.e. in the Admirals bar or be creative in one of the art rooms. Not in the mood to paint? Do you prefer to write a novel, design your own clothes or compose new music? Whatever you like, you can do it right here. After being so creative you can visit our kitchen. Maybe you’re the lucky one who meets the local cooking club. Enjoy.

art center


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skills: 💻 📚 💃 🎻 🎙️ 🎨 🍹 🛠️ 🍰 🍳

location: Windenburg – Discotheque Pan Europa

Some of the artist studios in the blue and yellow house:

One level above there is the admiral’s bar, one rehearsal room and a karaoke room:

Another house offers a composer’s loft and a fashion designer’s studio:

In the dark blue cabin the cooking club meets frequently.

Behind the kitchen there is a communal party room and also a room for the small ones:

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