House of the future

In the end of the 50s people dream of flying to the moon, new techniques and materials are developed, a life in plastic seems possible. So what does the houses of the future look like? – Well, we have the key, you spend the money.


3 πŸ›οΈ 2 πŸ› 0 🎨 1 🌊

1 πŸ§’πŸ§Έ 1 πŸ§’πŸŽ’

activities: πŸ“š ⚽ 🎻 🎨 🍹 🌱

location: Oasis Springs – Cacti Casa

The kitchen is the centre and heart of this house.

It is open to the dining room and the mother has a good view over her family.

The cozy living room has a fireplace and of course a brand new tv. All two channels comes in vivid black and white colours. For the airy feel we refrained from using big frumpy bookcases and used these modern shelves and big windows.

Isn’t it great to have 2 bedrooms for the kids? No more quarrelling, send each child to their rooms.

The master’s bedroom is a big room with a closet, a laundry nook and an ensuite bathroom.

This garden is huge and it has everything you dream of: you can grow vegetables, play basketball or have a bbq with the lovely neighbours. And did I mention that pool?!

This is the bbq area with a big table and a futuristic bar.

From here you have a wonderful view to the pool. The pool’s roof is illuminated and looks gorgeous at night.

Under the house there is a play area for the little ones, a place for tea parties and fairy tales.

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