The Champagne Sword

Guinevere Châteaudun has overtaken the family business and continues with the long tradition of vintners. Running this business is not that easy these days. Therefore she opened the families wine cellar to the public and turned it into a restaurant. Enjoy a journey through time.

Gallery link: The Campagne Sword

Price: $475,500
Lot size: 20×30
Lot type: restaurant

Welcome in! This is the main restaurant, small and almost familiar. At the bar there is a selection of drinks and at the end of the room you’ll find all utilities for the sabrage ceremony.

Before we go down, we head into the kitchen. It’s the small one for the finishing touch. Behind the cooking station there are stairs to the main kitchen. The small kitchen has two doors to the outside. One leads to the vegetable garden and the other one to the bar. See, you can watch the cook while you’re sipping your glass of wine. There is also the possibility for a bonfire and you can watch the children play.

Coming downstairs your first sight goes to the wine cellar.  A book shows all the details you should know to select the right one for you. You can also ask our servants or Mrs. Châteaudun herself. Looking down the balcony: the wine cellar has two storeys. If you feel dizzy now there is a bench. 

This is a more private dining nook with a cozy fireplace and the family crest on the tapestry. Let’s head into the kitchen.

The view from the modern cooking station to the old ones in the middle of the room. On the right side you can see the small pantries. The cold rooms are on the opposite site. And in the back there is the bakery for all the delicious cookies and cakes.

Coming down the public stairs we’ll see the wine cellar again. Now, turning to the right, we are in the secret heart of family chamber.

If you want to dine here you should book the table. This will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Last but not least: the staffrooms: a nice lounge for short breaks, the conference room and offices. Furthermore there are restrooms, changing rooms and also a bed is waiting here. This is a nice feature for long nightshifts.

Floor plans

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