Underground music

This is the hottest bar in town, discover underground music and record your own tunes. 

bar / cocktailbar / club / karaoke bar


skills: 💻 💃 🎻 🎙️ 🎛️ 🍹 🎲

location: Del Sol Valley – Plumbob Pictures Museum 

This is the street view. New musicians will be discovered here and DJs play their newest beats on the stage. Are you ready yet to discover the underground?

Let’s take a drink before you step deeper into the music scene. In the end of the bar there is a small dance floor next to a music box. If you get a seat at the windows you’ll get a premonition of what to expect downstairs…

This little area is great to relax with arcade games, lounge chairs and there is a small computer nook, too. Here you can look up new music and mix and match your own style. A double door leads to smaller rooms…

which contain karaoke machines. The biggest karaoke room features an own barkeeper. Make sure to book it in time.

Now we are in (the) music space. This hall has the best sound in town. Open stage for immediate gigs.

In the photo booth arise your own memories.

On the other side of the music bar there is also a little lounge area. From here you get to the rest rooms. Downstairs you’ll find a game play area and recording studios. Let your dreams of being a rockstar come alive. 

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