Mobile Home Park

Welcome to the mobile home park in Bridleton Bay. This is a small community for retirees and we are supported by the Hawthrone project. Take a little tour to see where Harvey Wallbanger settled down and make sure he is in good hands now. 

Made for the BnS challenge 102.


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location: Brindleton Bay – Hound’s Head

The main building

The first thing you will see coming through the gate is the main building and the Main street of the park. In that building you can ask for help and it is also a nice meeting point.  

Coming through the front door you’ll get into the common living room. It’s the best place to have a chit-chat and meeting family, friends and all the people from the other trailers. And what do elderly people love more than cake? – Homemade cake. Our small bakery shop serves coffee and also tea. We simply can’t live without the 5 o’clock tea. Take a seat, enjoy the scones and play cards.

Some of our rooms are very special for our community and I’m sure you will not find them in many trailer parks. Many of our inhabitants love to do sports and relax afterwards in massage seats in a quiet room. And for those who forget they aren’t Sonja Henie or Javier Fernández López they can book a massage on the table. We do also have a photo studio. We noticed some people living here come from different states and are far away from their families. Therefore we thought it would be a nice idea to send them special postcards. On these days our retirees feel like starlets.

Next to the main building there is the Main street of the park. Let’s take a walk down the road. To the left (2nd picture) you see the trailers of Adam and Rose who came from the South to Brindleton Bay and the Rossi’s trailer, our retirees with Italien roots.

The Southern’s family trailer

Heading over the terrace through the sliding door you’ll get into Adam and Rose’s trailer. Inspired by their origin it is a tropical themed living area with birds and flower pictures on the wall. 

Adams bowling trophies are shown off in the office. He’s very good! Rose is more into painting. And to be honest the treadmill is almost never used. They got it once from their son. They also have a luxurious bathroom with double sinks and their own washing machine. Most retirees have to go to the washhouse. Let’s go over to the Rossis.

Rossi’s trailer

This is the home of the Rossis and they are proud of their Italien descent. When you visit them, you can feel the Mediterreanian atmosphere: Tiles on the floor, old furniture and paintings and of course the terracotta colours.

The almost empty aquarium tells their story as former owners of a well going seafood restaurant. Franky the fish is the only survivor. The kitchen is almost simple, it doesn’t need much kitchen supplies to cook delicious food. Only fresh ingredients and herbs.

Towards the Rossis there is the bowling alley and washhouse.

The bowling alley and washhouse

A large bar offers dinks and bowling shoes and I’m sure you will not only meet Adam at this spot. 

Around the corner a stair leads up to a rentable apartment for visitors and family members.

Community garden

Next to Rossi’s trailer there is the community garden. Here they come together to plant, cook and eat. In this place they grow fruit trees, vegetables and herbs as well as flowers. Now you know where the Rossis get their ingredients from. And after dinner, if you still can move, everyone meets on the upper floor in the dance studio.

Harvey’s new retreat

And there is Harvey’s trailer! Isn’t it beautifully placed next to the llama fountain square? A cozy lounge and a fireplace make it easy to enjoy his new living room. The mix of wood and steel represents his love to old western movies. And if something will ever break down, he is able to fix it. 

A quiet spot between the trailers

Between Harvey’s garden and the square there is a yoga garden surrounded by hedges and flower bushes. On the opposite side you can see Harveys neighbours: the old widow Grace Bowchaser’s and Charly Coon’s trailers. Contrary to her name she is a very lovely person. Let’s take a look at her place.

The widow’s trailer

Heading into her home you will notice soon she’s from the North-east coast. White and blue are her colours. Her husband, a sailor, died years ago and she doesn’t have much money. So her home is small and simple but so very cozy, don’t you think? On the cabinet there is still her husbans’s violin. She plays the piano and it’s like being in a fairytale when you hear her play. 

Between her trailer and the bowling alley there is the Parklane. It leads to the main park. In the middle of that lane there’s the statue of Hilda Fisher, the first woman who settled on this place.

The old boxer’s trailer

When you come to Charly Coon, it looks like in most normal menages. A nice living room with a guitar next to a fireplace, an open kitchen and a bedroom in the back. Only that Charly isn’t happy anymore. He was a famous boxer and when he got old this fame faded away. I think he drinks too much now, look at all the bottles. In the bedroom you can see his old punchbag and spiderwebs on the ceiling. We have to take care of him. Perhaps Harvey and he can be friends?


Welcome to the amusement park!

There are a lot of things our retirees can do here: they can play chess, they can sit together and talk at the bonfire or see a movie with Humphrey Bogart. But the most cheerful thing to do is skating, you can’t imagine how young they feel on wheels!

There is also a fishing pond, you can see it from the back terrace of the main building. A bench within flowers calls you for a rest.

I hope you enjoyed this long tour through our mobile home park. And who knows maybe you’re a member soon.

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