Finca Madre Tierra

Sit back and enjoy life, that’s what the Chengs want. They made their money and want to go back to a simple and stressless life on a farm. The Spanish Finca in Oasis Springs seems to be perfect for them. It offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen and a laundry. There is a big porch on the backside of the house, which actually is the main living area. Who wants to sit inside when it’s so sunny in Oasis Springs? In the garden there is a dry shed to store all the goods, which grew at the farm.

Made for BnS challenge 99.


2 🛏️ 2 🛁 2 🎨 0 🌊


activities: 💻 📚 ♟️ 💃 🎻 🎨 🌱 🧘

location: Oasis Springs – Granada Palace

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