Enter Space

Imagine you are going to space and build up a Mars habitat. The Mars mission centre will be your first thing to explore and survive. It’s fully equipped with technical stuff and fun things and it will also work as the science lab for the Get to work add on. Enjoy.

Built for BnS95


science lab / residential
4 🛏️ 5 🛁 13 🎨 1 🌊

skills: 💻 📚 ♟️ ⚽ 💃 🎻 🎙️🍹 🛠️ 🌱 🧘 🎲 🎣

location: Forgotten Hollow – Fledermaus Bend

On the main and top level there is the scientific base.

Downstairs there is the living area, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are sited. Have fun in the space bar, the cinema or play a some chess. Get fit in the gym or visit the doctor if you are sick. Everything you look for will be there.

This is the garden you saw from above. Have a look for fresh vegetables.


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