The teahouse

The teahouse is a beautiful place to calm down and drink a cup of tea. You also can feed the koi, do some gardening or play some chess. Enjoy. 

It is inspired by Japanese teahouse gardens and built for Ninnster’s challenge #NinniPark.

Gallery link: The Teahouse

  • Lot type: park
  • Lot size: 20×30

Stepping through the gate we get into a long small courtyard. Here you can cut the bonsais or put together a bouquet of flowers. There is also a well to get water from. In the end of the yard, on the right side, there is a public toilet.

Just around the corner…

the gong will tell you when it’s tea time. Before you enter the teahouse, please wash your hands and get off your shoes. 

In the entrance you can put down the shoes on the rack. Right handed, due to sims logic, there is also a tiny kitchenette. The main room is the where the tea ceremony takes place. All the utensils are placed on the host’s tatami mat.

Outside, the path leads further to the garden.

Next to the bridge there is a fountain.

In the pavilion you can rest while you wait for the ceremony to begin and look at the beautifully cropped trees.

A wonderful view back to the tea house.

Behind the pavilion koi are waiting to be fed. The sound of falling water is so soothing! Can you spot the beautiful Asian garden lamp?

The step stone path leads back to the teahouse entrance.

The other way down there is a tranquil area with a chess table and just behind the greenery there is the public toilet you saw in the courtyard.

some nightshots

The view from the teahouse terrace.
Another garden lamp next to the pavilion. 

Floor plans

1st floor

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